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At Proveca we want to develop and license medicines for children.

About Us

Proveca is a family of passionate pioneers, designing and licensing medicines for children.

Medicines for children

Proveca Ltd is a UK-based pharmaceutical company who specialise in the development and licensing of off-patent medicines to address unmet medical needs for children.

Currently, over half of the medicines taken by children are not in an age-appropriate format and/or are not licensed for paediatric use.

Proveca are leaders in licensing children’s medicines using the European regulatory framework, the Paediatric Use Marketing Authorisation (PUMA) process. The regulation was specifically designed to increase the number of off-patent medicines being developed and licensed for children.

The dynamic and experienced team at Proveca are seeking to improve the lives of children, many of whom require long-term drug treatment for chronic condition.

Working with clinicians, parents, carers and children, Proveca are leading the way to provide licensed medicines that are tailored to children’s specific requirements.

Created March 2020


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