Research & Development

Meeting an unmet need

Currently, over half of the medicines children take are in the wrong format and/or are not licensed for use in children.

At Proveca we are trying to address this current unmet need in paediatric medicines by:

  • Identifying medicines that are not licensed for use in children and require a paediatric licence (new indication) and/or require an improved administration format, to address an unmet need.
  • Working alongside clinicians, parents, carers, and children, we are able to tailor the features of our medicines to meet the specific requirements of children.
  • Build the evidence base through clinical studies, data generation and pharmaceutical development.
  • Have strong internal expertise in formulation feasibility, technical development, clinical programmes, and regulatory pathways including the PUMA pathway.

Key therapeutic areas & active pipeline

At Proveca we design, develop and license medicines for children, with a core focus in neurology, cardiology and immunology. We identify products which require a new paediatric license (new indication) and/or an improved format for administration.

Research & science collaborations

Proveca’s Research & Science strategy is to work with leading children’s hospitals, academic groups, and paediatric networks across Europe to identify unmet medical needs and collaborate on research to help with our mission – to improve medicines for children.

Our research focus has the following themes:

  • Design, develop and licence medicines specifically for children.

  • Develop knowledge to inform better decisions and create novel paediatric formulations for commercialisation.

  • Contribute to the education & best practice of healthcare professionals in paediatrics.

Active Collaborations and Associated Paediatric Networks:

  • Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust
  • Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust
  • Aston University, Birmingham UK
  • Royal College of Surgeons Ireland
  • Neonatal Paediatric Pharmacy Group
  • EuPFI
  • Liverpool John Moores University
  • Connect 4 Children

Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and Proveca Ltd joined forces in January 2022 with the aim of improving medicines for children and young people.

Click Here to see our press release for further information.

Aston University

Proveca and Aston University Collaboration – Student projects

Following the success of the joint PhD project and other R&D projects including formulation development of needed paediatric products, Proveca and Aston University have formed a partnership to continue working together.

Please click Here to see our press release for further information.


Summer Students Programme

  • An exciting opportunity within Proveca’s R&D team working on your own research project which will have real business impact

  • Proveca’s R&D department covers all aspects of drug development from candidate identification, development, manufacturing and licensing

  • You will also get to know different areas of the company including medical, regulatory, marketing and business operations

Each year we invite applications for two student placements (undergraduate or postgraduate students).

Dates: The placements will be between June and July 2023
Location: Hybrid working, Central Manchester
Application deadline: Applications are accepted between the 1st of  January – 28th of February annually

If you would like to enquire or apply for a student placement, please contact

Student Testimonials:

I have recently completed my PhD that was co-sponsored by Proveca Ltd.  The title of the PhD was ‘Development of a novel excipient screening platform for Paediatric Oral formulations’ and aimed to establish and validate a formulation development strategy specific to paediatrics that would accelerate paediatric formulation developments.  The team at Proveca are extremely passionate in what they do and have been truly supportive and helpful over the last 3 years of my PhD journey.  The environment at Proveca is very friendly and promotes continuous learning and professional development.  The PhD program was well structured leading to several outputs including publications in high impact journals and opportunities to present our work at national and international conferences.  Further, Proveca have been extremely accommodating and has showed flexibility that has allowed us to complete the PhD program in a timely manner despite the COVID pandemic.  I have been very fortunate to be able to work alongside and learn from Proveca’s expertise and experience. I wholeheartedly recommend collaborating with Proveca for any paediatric medicines related work or projects as they are truly experts when it comes to children’s medicines.

Dilawar Khan, PHD Student at Aston University

My time at Proveca was like no other pharmaceutical placement, from the very first day I was given high responsibility and was included in all Proveca’s meetings and socials. The values of the company ensure a friendly and enjoyable work experience, as all the staff is welcoming and make sure you are always included.

During my time at Proveca, I was able to explore all the different departments and get a good understanding of how they all ran. I attended meetings with all the Heads of Departments, who spent their time teaching me about their departments and how they operate to keep in line with Proveca’s core values.

Jujhar, Summer Student 2022

Hi, my names Megan I’m a third year Biomedical Science Student at Newcastle University. I had the opportunity to complete my summer 2022 placement at Proveca within the R&D department.

My tasks within my 6 weeks included an assignment which was a research essay with the title chosen from a provided list. A challenge where I had to present a product for Proveca’s portfolio and a review on relevant literature journals. Finally, I had to present all my work at the end of my time with the company.

During my placement I attended the ESDPPP (European Society for Developmental Perinatal and Paediatric Pharmacology) conference in Liverpool, which was such an interesting day. I listened to talks of research and development from leading researchers across the world. 

The entire companies’ values of family, passion and pioneering were truly displayed and inspiring throughout all their work and everyday office life. With a vision which is inspiring to many, to provide licensed medicines which have been designed specifically for children, is one I truly believe in and is clear through Proveca’s current and upcoming work. I cannot thank Proveca enough for the valued lessons and information I have learnt with them and will continue to utilise. I must especially thank Maryam for putting up with my many drafts, emails, and questions. She was an amazing mentor and leader.  Thank you! 

Megan, Summer Student 2022

Firstly, I would like to extend my appreciation to the entire team at Proveca, a remarkable children’s pharmaceutical company. Your dedication to improving paediatric healthcare is truly inspiring. As I reflect on my six weeks’ summer internship at Proveca, I am thankful for the experiences and knowledge gained. The internship has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding and see the bigger picture of the vital role that children’s medications play in shaping their lives and well-being. I hope that during my time with you, I was able to contribute and add value to the projects and tasks entrusted to me. I am incredibly grateful for the invaluable learning opportunity you have provided me, especially with the feedback you all have given me on various occasions. Your encouragement has been crucial in my personal and professional growth. A special thank you to Maryam Shah and Maisie Stephenson for their support throughout the assignment and for being exceptional managers. I hope to contribute my skills and enthusiasm to Proveca one day and be a part of your mission to improve the well-being of children worldwide. I will certainly miss the family of passionate pioneers, please keep in touch.

Uthman, Summer Student 2023

Thank you for providing me with invaluable insight regarding children’s medications. As a pharmacy student pursuing a healthcare career, this knowledge has been transformative and deepened my understanding of paediatric medicines. Your dedication as a company to creating safe and effective medications tailored for children is commendable. Learning about the unique challenges in developing paediatric formulations has sparked an interest in paediatric care. During my six weeks, I saw firsthand Proveca’s commitment to ensuring proper dosing, palatability and safety for young patients is inspiring. Furthermore, the emphasis on research and continuous improvement at Proveca has left a lasting impression on me. Witnessing how you prioritize the well-being of children over everything else has made me eager to contribute to this area of medicine in any way I can. With heartfelt appreciation to the team of passionate pioneers.

Joy, Summer Student 2023

Dedicated to improving children’s medicines

Lets work together to improve medicines for children:

Contact us at to help us identify and meet unmet paediatric needs

  • Therapeutic indications in children which require attention and/or paediatric products which you feel could be in a much better format for children

  • Potential collaborative research projects or publications

  • Any thoughts or ideas you have relating to improving medicines for children