Providing the right medicines for children across the world

Proveca is the future Engine of Children’s Medicine

Proveca is a pharmaceutical company which has established the unique set of competencies required to develop medicines for children and establish a brand which is trusted by prescribers and parents.

The world has many different items made specifically for children – baby milk, toys, education, clothes, the list goes on, but today many medicines given to children are adult formulations not designed or licensed for children.

Proveca is leading the way in changing this paradigm by providing the right medications for children. Proveca understands that health care providers and parents need confidence regarding the safety, efficacy, right dosage form and palatability of a medicine for a child. Therefore Proveca ensures all of its medicines are designed with the child in mind.

What sets us apart

Only children’s medicines

Proveca is focused solely on the development and licensing of Children’s medicines.  The team draws on many years of paediatric experience in formulation, regulatory, medical and commercial.

Proveca’s expertise in this area is valued by health care providers as we work with them to understand the problems associated with providing the right management and medications specifically for children.

Making a difference

Proveca are developing more than just the formulations, we conduct clinical trials to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of our medicines as well as demonstrating the effects on quality of life, and we aim to register them as widely as possible to benefit children all over the world.

Proveca also look to make a difference by helping to educate health care providers and carers about the conditions of importance to them and how the child can be managed effectively.  To this end, Proveca has been providing an educational series to healthcare professionals and is co-ordinating the development of relevant European guidelines which will help to educate and inform those who treat and manage chronically sick children.

Identifying the child’s unmet need

Working with clinicians, pharmacists, nurses, parents, and patients Proveca is able to understand the problems around medications such as lack of dose suitability or administration difficulty.  As a result, Proveca’s research and development department are continuously looking at suitable formulation alternatives. This can involve looking to provide age appropriate dose forms, assist with adherence and improve palatability in order to improve symptom control and quality of life for the child and their carers.

Reaching children around the world

Proveca have a global ambition in the paediatric medicine market, which is valued at £100 billion per annum in the US, Canada, Europe and Japan.

Proveca will be the leading Children’s Pharmaceutical company in the world by 2030, aiming to licence and distribute to many countries and continents to ensure children have global access to the right medications.

Latest news

EMA positive opinion on new PUMA product for Proveca

Published September 19 2023

 EMA positive opinion on new PUMA product for Proveca.

The SALIVA study protocol

Published May 17 2023

In May 2021, the first child was enrolled into the SALIVA study, a trial sponsored by Proveca Pharma Ltd. The SALIVA study is a double-blind randomised controlled trial comparing Sialanar against placebo. A total of 87 children with severe drooling (sialorrhoea) related to chronic neurological disorders will participate from 14 centres in France. 

Proveca Pharma Ltd launches first product in another major European market – France

Published February 13 2023

Proveca Pharma Ltd launches first product in another major European market - France

Reviewed September 2022